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From theatre seating to auditoriums, lecture halls, cinemas, arenas and stadiums, Pelko has the experience, expertise and product range to meet your needs.

Chairs for large public spaces have a range of often overlapping needs. Durability, comfort, safety, space optimisation and sometimes even acoustic calibration are all requirements that must be balanced against budget. You may require low-cost bench chairs for a new stadium/arena or high quality armchair type seating for an opera house. In every case Pelko can meet your needs.

Our expertise extends to the following areas:

Auditorium/Theatre Seating
A key aspect of our offering is our ability to deliver custom theatre seating, which was used to great success in Wexford Opera House. Comfort was clearly important, but equally important was that the seating did not colour or otherwise impact on the acoustics. Our team of designers therefore set about finding the perfect mix of materials that complemented the natural acoustics of the theatre. This was fully tested and calibrated and our team of installers then completed the project. The result is the perfect blend of comfort, aesthetics, acoustics and price, delivered by our expert team.

Lecture Seating
Typically used for spoken rather than musical presentations, these seats need to be comfortable for extended sitting and durable for heavy usage. Our solutions can range from plastic chairs to cushioned fabric armchairs and can be supplied in various configurations with armrests, cup holders and articulated writing tables being just some of the options available.

Home-Theatre Seating
Home theatre chairs are very similar to cinema chairs, except that they are built to a far higher spec for beauty and comfort. We can design your own custom chairs for a totally unique home cinema experience and unparalleled comfort.

All our chairs are built and tested to the very highest European safety standards.
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